The Effects of Cell Phones On Modern Society

May - 14 2015 | By

The year is 2015, and a lone homo-sapiens finds himself in the jungle without aid… and in serious danger. He was out collecting food when all of the sudden a vicious roar ripped through the humid air. This simple human never returned home that evening, and his family died of starvation. But fortunately, humans have managed to advance past this miserable stage of existence and now posses the technology to call for help in time of emergency, and coordinate faster across the globe so that we might move forward thanks to a handy little device called the cellular phone.

In this day and age cell phones allow us to call for help, even when another human is many miles away. For example, The happy-go-lucky tourist named Bob in his floral print shirt and flip-flops is driving through the desert when, BAM! The engine in his dust covered jeep dies in a puff of smoke, and he is now left to his own devices in the middle of a sun baked, gritty nowhere. Perhaps this now miserable-go-unlucky man will be alright after all, but much to his sweat drenched horror, his water is gone. At this sullen point, Bob, now hot, sweaty, and reeking of body odor, is desperate for a so called life line. But then he starts to think… his cell phone!! With his trusty little device the unlucky tourist will go on to live a long and happy life full of misadventures. In this way, cell phones have greatly lengthened the lifespan of the average human, and now allows foolhardy tourists to not die ridiculous and excruciating deaths. For without his cell phone, poor Bob would have been left to mummify under the intense heat of the desert sun. But his cell phone saved his life… luckily for him he had signal.

However great they are as a life saving device, cellular phones have allowed humans to develop quickly in other ways as well. For instance, allowing hard working business people to coordinate quickly on a global scale to push through important transactions and to forge crucial partnerships for the better of the consumer. Picture this, a worn out, turn of the century business man. He is sitting in his tobacco scented wood panelled office wondering how in the world he can meet with his Shanghai business partners now that his boat out of New York has been cancelled… Alas! If only there were some way to speak face-to-face from his office. With the creation of cellphones this once impossible feat is now not only possible but it is quite nearly blasé, and the deal that the businessman was able to make with his Shanghai partners prevented the stock market from crashing once again, and therefore prevented another global depression.

In conclusion, cell phones are truly a great aid to human society. They allow sweaty tourists to call for help, and give somewhat grouchy businessman the opportunity to save the human race many years of setback due to another depression.

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