The Importance of Seeing Situations From Another Person’s Point of View

May - 14 2015

Imagine a world without war. All the nations are at peace, humanity has moved on to entirely renewable resources and people are happier than ever. One of the biggest problems in our world today is people being ignorant of each other’s struggles. If humans would learn how to simply be less selfish and see conflicts […]

The Effects of Cell Phones On Modern Society

May - 14 2015

The year is 2015, and a lone homo-sapiens finds himself in the jungle without aid… and in serious danger. He was out collecting food when all of the sudden a vicious roar ripped through the humid air. This simple human never returned home that evening, and his family died of starvation. But fortunately, humans have […]

I Am Me

May - 14 2015

I am more than just a pale face the ghost of generations past, I am not. And neither am I my upbringing, or any of the things that anyone else might be.   I am me. Not perfect, nor beautiful, But I am, in my own special way.   I am like a book. A […]

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How Difficult Times Strengthen Relationships

May - 14 2015

Who doesn’t have a friend that has been there for them through good times and bad? Like in Elie Wiesel’s “Night”, the young boy collides with several people who stick with him through his terrible time in the concentration camp, like his father Shlomo, and the twins Tibi and Yossi. Almost everyone has a friend […]

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